How to Get Original Diploma and Transcript Apostilled?

If you must apostille your original diploma or transcript you have to:

1. Contact the Registrar’s Office of your school

2. Request a duplicate of your document

3. Request for an authorized representative of your school (i.e Dean, Registrar, Provost, etc) to make a statement either on a back of the original duplicate or on a separate page with the school letterhead:

“Hereby I, <full name of the authorized school official> being the <title of the authorized school official> attest that this is the original <type of document (diploma/transcript)> issued by <name of the school> to <name of the student>. “

4. Request that such statement is signed in front of the notary public and notarized properly

5. Apply for an apostille

How to get a photocopy apostilled?

1. Make a copy of the document

2. On the copy make a statement:

“Hereby I, <your full name> attest that this is full, correct and complete copy of my original <type of document>.”

3. Take the document to a local notary public

4. Sign the statement in front of the notary and have it notarized

Please note: In some states the above statement will not be required for photocopies as the notary will have to compare original with the photocopy and the notary will make the statement themselves. This is not applicable to all states. If you are from Houston, Texas for example, it would be best to find and consult with professional Houston apostille service.

5. Submit notarized diploma or transcript for apostille.

What if I need authentication and not the apostille?

If this is the case, then there will be additional steps added to the process. For instance, for many countries who do not accept apostilles you may have to present additional support documentation establishing the proper accreditation of your school. Such requirements vary from one country to another and cannot be generalized into a simple answer.

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