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Why is My Dog Nauseous?

Just like humans, our canine friends too can suffer from bouts of nausea, leading to discomfort and often, a loss of appetite. Understanding what could be causing your dog’s upset stomach can help you seek the right treatment and provide much-needed relief for your furry friend.

Causes of Nausea in Dogs

Many factors can contribute to nausea in dogs. These range from simple overeating or eating something disagreeable, to more serious health concerns, such as gastrointestinal diseases, liver disease, or even cancer.

  • Dietary Indiscretion: Dogs are known for their voracious appetites and curious nature. Unfortunately, this also means they often ingest things they shouldn’t, such as garbage or spoiled food, foreign objects, toxic plants, or even chemical substances. Any of these can cause nausea.
  • New Foods or Treats: Sometimes, a sudden diet change or introducing new treats without a transition period can upset a dog’s stomach, leading to nausea.
  • Motion Sickness: Dogs may suffer from motion sickness during car rides or other forms of travel. Just like humans, the movement can overwhelms their sense of balance and result in feeling nauseated.
  • Parasites or Viruses: Dogs that have worms or have contracted viral infections, such as Parvovirus, may frequently vomit or show signs of nausea.
  • Serious Health Conditions: Chronic diseases like kidney or liver failure, infections, ulcers, or pancreatitis can also cause recurring feelings of nausea.

Signs of Nausea in Dogs

So, why is my dog nauseous and what are signs of nausea in dogs? Identifying nausea in dogs can be tricky as they can’t verbally communicate their discomfort. However, some typical signs can hint at an uneasy tummy. These may include excessive salivation, swallowing excessively, lip-smacking, drooling, vomiting, lack of energy, loss of appetite, and behavioral changes. If your dog exhibits these symptoms, particularly prolonged vomiting and lethargy, you should seek immediate veterinary care.

Prevention and Treatment

Depending on the cause, the treatment may involve dietary changes, administering medication, or more serious interventions like surgery (in cases of ingested foreign objects).

For mild cases, fasting your dog for 12 to 24 hours (under supervision of a vet) can help their stomach settle. Providing a bland diet, including boiled chicken and rice, can soothe their tummy and ease symptoms.

Prevention is often the best medicine. Regular de-worming, feeding a consistent, balanced diet, and avoiding table scraps can help keep your dog’s stomach in top shape. Additionally, minimize their access to non-food items that they might ingest out of curiosity.

Lastly, remember that persistent or severe symptoms of nausea warrant a visit to your veterinarian. With their expertise, they can diagnose the underlying cause and provide appropriate treatment options, ensuring your furry friend’s quick recovery and continued health.


In summary, dogs can get nauseous due to various reasons ranging from a simple upset stomach to complex health conditions. It is critical to understand these reasons and monitor the symptoms to provide your dog with the best possible care.


The Lovely Pets’ Yorkshire Terrier

Purchasing a dog shouldn’t be a trial-and-error or outright gamble. To ensure that your pup has had the best start in life, a professional and responsible breeder is fundamental in your search. In Singapore, The Lovely Pets, renowned for its ethical breeding practices, ensures that every Yorkie pup is well cared for, health-checked, vaccinated, and dewormed before heading to their forever home.

A Commitment to Excellence

The Lovely Pets’ respect and regard for every furry life under their care are clearly mirrored in their stringent procedures. Immense care goes into ensuring that every Yorkie pup is nurtured well, safeguarding their health at every developmental stage. To ensure this, each puppy undergoes a health-check protocol, which evaluates the Yorkie’s overall health status. Moreover, they ensure each puppy is vaccinated and dewormed before it steps paw into your home.

Aside from meeting regular health demands, The Lovely Pets go the extra mile by providing puppies with a 1-month free service that takes care of flea, ticks, and heartworm prevention. This service helps set the ground for the puppy’s future health by warding off common parasites that can potentially pose risks.

Understanding The Price

When it comes to purchasing this breed, they cost between $5,000-$8,000 in Singapore. The variation in price depends on factors such as the breeder’s reputation, age of the puppy, and other associated costs. When you choose to purchase your Yorkshire Terrier puppy from The Lovely Pets, you’re not just buying a pet, but a lifetime partner and a new family member crafted from quality breeding, early socialization, and crucial early medical care.

Prepping for Life With You

Contrary to what some pet owners might believe, dog grooming is not merely aesthetic—it is essential. Good grooming practices contribute significantly to a pet’s overall health and well-being. Ensuring this, The Lovely Pets offers a free grooming session for all new puppy parents, giving your new family member a well-deserved pampering before transitioning to its new home.

After all, a clean dog is a happy dog, and there’s nothing quite like the joy of having your pet look its best.

Joining the Yorkie Family

Bringing home a Yorkie from The Lovely Pets means more than merely purchasing a pet. The authenticity of the breed, extensive health checks, deworming, and vaccinations add up to a healthy start for the pup in his new life. Topping it off with their post-purchase support, you are truly investing in a lifelong partner that would reward you with its boundless love, charming personality, and intelligent companionship.


Visit The Lovely Pets today to begin this joyous journey into dog parenting. Your new Yorkie pup awaits, ready to fill your home with incessant joy, laughter, and above all, love. Be prepared to have your life touched by a Yorkie’s undeniable charm and affection, and, in doing so, add not only a pet to your life but an invaluable member of your family.


Portable Fence for Dogs – Keep Your Pup Safe Wherever You Go

If you love taking your pup with you on adventures, you know how important it is to keep them safe. A portable fence for dogs is an easy and convenient way to keep your pup safe and secure in any environment.

What is a Portable Fence for Dogs?

A portable fence for dogs is a lightweight and portable containment system designed to keep your pup safe and secure in any environment. Most portable fences are made of lightweight materials like mesh fabric, plastic, or vinyl and can be quickly set up and taken down as needed. They are perfect for camping trips, picnics, and other outdoor activities. Plus, they can also be used indoors, like in a playroom or pet room.

Virtual fences are another type of portable fence for dogs. Virtual fences use a transmitter that sends out an invisible signal to your dog’s collar, which the dog learns to avoid crossing. This allows you to set up a boundary in any outdoor space without needing physical fencing. Portable fences are great for keeping your pup safe and secure while camping or traveling with them . They are also useful for keeping your dog from running into the street or wandering off into unfamiliar territory.

If you’re looking for a safe and secure way to keep your furry friend contained while traveling or camping, portable fences are an excellent option.

Benefits of Portable Fences for Dogs

Portable fences are great for keeping your pup safe and secure, especially in unfamiliar environments. They are also easy to set up and take down, and most are lightweight and easy to transport. Plus, they can be used both indoors and outdoors, so you can keep your pup safe no matter where you are.

What To Look For When Choosing A Portable Dog Fence?

There are many different options when it comes to choosing the best portable fence for dogs, including wireless and wired. Wireless fences are great for dogs that tend to wander off in search of adventure. You can simply set up the perimeter and let your pet roam freely without worrying about him getting out of range.

However, if your dog likes to run around a lot or needs more exercise than just walking around the yard, he may not be happy with this type of fencing. The best portable dog fence will provide your pet with the freedom to roam while keeping him safe. Look for a fence that can be set up quickly and easily, allowing you to use it in any environment.


No matter what type of portable fence you choose, you can rest assured that your pup will be safe and secure no matter where you are. Portable fences are the perfect way to keep your pup safe while traveling or enjoying outdoor activities. So, make sure you have one ready for your next adventure.

Home Pets

3 Reasons to Get a GPS Dog Collar with Wireless Fence

GPS Dog Collars with wireless fence are the perfect way to safely contain your pet without having to build a traditional fence. With a wireless fence, you can easily create a virtual boundary to keep your pet in a designated area and out of trouble.

GPS Tracking

GPS Dog Collars are equipped with GPS tracking technology. This allows you to locate your pet in real time, so you can always know where they are and be able to quickly locate them if they wander off.

Safety Features

Wireless fences come with several safety features designed to keep your pet safe and secure. These include shock collars to stop your pet from leaving the designated area, as well as audible alarms to alert you if your pet is trying to escape.


The great thing about GSP dog collars with a wireless fence is that they are customizable. You can choose the size of the virtual boundary you want to create and adjust the settings as needed. You can also set up multiple “zones” to give your pet more freedom to explore.

Some of the best wireless dog fences come with a remote control that allows you to change the settings from a distance. If you want your pet to have more freedom, for example, all you have to do is press a button on the remote and adjust the boundaries accordingly.

Halo Dog Collar

The Halo dog collar is a wireless dog fence system that works with an app on your smartphone. It’s the first of its kind, and it comes with a lot of benefits. One of them is that you can see where your dog is at all times and get notifications when he gets too close to the boundary (or leaves it altogether). This means you don’t have to constantly watch your dog and worry about him getting lost or hurt. The collar is made from high-quality materials and features a waterproof design, so it will stand up to rough play outdoors.

The Halo dog collar also comes with a built-in GPS tracker, so you can see where your pet is going when he leaves the house. This is a great feature for those who want to know exactly where their dog is going when they’re out in the neighborhood. It’s also useful if you have multiple dogs and want to keep them separate while they play. You can purchase Halo collar in a variety of colors and sizes, so you can find one that fits your dog perfectly.

In Conclusion

The Halo dog collar is a great option for anyone who wants to keep their pet safe. It features a waterproof design, GPS tracking and an app that allows you to set up geofences around your property.


Geofence Dog Collar

A geofence dog collar is a GPS-enabled device that can track your dog’s location and send you alerts when he wanders too far from home.

It’s similar to a virtual fence, but instead of having to keep an eye on your pet, the collar tells you when your dog has wandered outside of a designated perimeter. This can be particularly useful if he tends to wander off or will run away if he sees another animal. The collar also has other uses: You could use it to let your pet know where he needs to go on his daily walks, or use it as a backup option in case your pet gets lost while wearing an ordinary tracking device.

Geofencing collars are designed with safety as their top priority, they won’t shock or hurt your pet, and they don’t need any additional equipment like wires buried under the ground like traditional fencing systems do. So finding the best geofence dog collar shouldn’t be hard.

These collars work by using radio frequencies (RF) emitted by cellular towers to establish boundaries within which dogs must remain in order to receive shock correction or other behavioral training signals from the collar. This technology allows pet owners to create a virtual fence around their property, so they can keep their dogs safe at all times, even when they’re not physically present in the yard.

The collars are completely waterproof and can be used both indoors and outdoors. However, they should not be used in areas where there’s a lot of interference from other radio signals (like near cell towers), or if your home has metal fencing.

The collars have a range of 100 yards, which should be more than enough to cover most properties. The collars also come with a built-in microphone that allows them to detect barking, so they can be used as bark collars as well.


Best Advanced Online Dog Training Classes

We all want our dogs to be well behaved, but it can be hard to find the time to devote to training them. Instead of spending money on a puppy class or hiring a professional dog trainer, you can learn how to train your dog at home with online dog training courses.

This is especially helpful for people who already have jobs or other responsibilities that keep them from being able to make it out to class. With online classes, you get the same quality instruction without having to leave your house or wait until another time slot becomes available.

You can also take these courses on your schedule, if you want to do one lesson a week, then great! If you want to do five lessons in one day, that works too! You’ll get all of the information presented in a way that makes sense for your life and schedule.

Online training courses are also useful for people who want to learn more about dog behavior, but don’t have access to a trainer. If you live in an area where there aren’t any certified trainers, then this is a great way for you to get all of that information without having to go far away from home or spend a lot of money on travel costs. By taking online courses, you can continue your day-to-day life while still learning something new.

Dogs are a part of our lives and they deserve the best care possible. If you want your dog to live a long and happy life, then it’s important that you take steps to ensure that you’re giving him or her the right training. With online dog training classes, you’ll be well on your way to becoming an excellent dog owner.

Advanced Online Dog Training Classes

Advanced online dog training classes are ideal for those looking to boost their skills as a dog owner. Total Transformation Masterclass is an online dog training course that can help you become a more effective dog trainer. This advanced course will give you the tools and techniques you need to train any type of dog, whether it’s a puppy or an adult. You can find a lot of Total transformation masterclass reviews if you want to learn more about the course and about the company. This is ideal for those who want to take their skills as a dog owner to the next level. You’ll learn more about canine behavior and how to properly train your dog so that he or she can be successful in any situation. This type of course is best for those who have some experience with training dogs but want to increase their knowledge and expertise.


Grooming Your Puppy Is So Important

Although not all dogs and puppies are used to good grooming, it just takes getting used to.

First, dog grooming can not only make your dog good-looking but also clean-looking. Since your dog is clean, he or she can be free from the attacks of fleas and germs, etc. This would prevent diseases and illnesses from attacking your dog as well as you and your whole family. You don’t want your dog to be sick so it is important to make sure your dog is properly groomed all the time. You can call in the professionals if you feel that you don’t know how to groom your dog properly. There are Miami pet mobile grooming services, so you don’t even have to go out of your home.

Also, a good-looking dog is something that the owner can be proud of because it reflects your own personality as well. Owners of clean and good-looking dogs are perceived as clean and responsible owners.

Second, puppy or dog grooming can make your dog feel comfortable. Just as you feel comfortable and relaxed after a good bathe, dogs can also feel comfortable after a bathe because all the germs are removed from their body. A comfortable dog is good to hang out with and you can be assured that when a dog is comfortable, you won’t see him or her feeling itchy and not in the mood.

Finally, when your dog is clean, good-looking and comfortable, you have yourself a happy dog and that is all thanks to dog grooming.


Guinea Pig Food

Nutritionally complete guinea pig pellets that are commercially made should make up most of your pet’s diet, they are available at your local pet supply stores, and are created from veggies, seeds, and plants. It is recommended by the ASPCA that small amounts of vegetables and fresh fruit be added to your guinea pigs diet each day. Guinea pig food should consist of cucumbers, grapes, peas, corn, pears, and carrots.

A single slice of fresh fruit and half a handful of veggies for each guinea pig will be plenty. However, you should always make sure that you clean up any fresh food that is leftover before it spoils. You should also make that grass hay is accessible by your guinea pig at all times. Grass hay is excellent for the guinea pig’s digestive system, and it will also satisfy the need your pet has to gnaw.

Guinea pigs, unlike other animals can’t manufacture the vitamin C that is why you will need to make sure that your pet is receiving adequate amounts of vitamin C on a daily basis. Even though one quarter of an orange will do, you should also include some veggies and fruits that have high levels of vitamin C to their daily serving of fresh foods, like dandelion greens, kale, and strawberries. For green apples first check with a specialist can guinea pigs eat green apples.

At all times, clean fresh water needs to be made available. You may use of an inverted bottle that includes a drinking tube and then change the water on a daily basis. The water bottles have a tendency to become clogged and contaminated as the guinea pig continues chewing on the end of the water tub and backwashes food particles up into the tube.

In order to prevent the guinea pig food from being tipped over during the time that the cavy is eating; it is highly recommended that you always serve the food within a heavy ceramic bowl. The sides of the bowl should be elevated high enough so that it holds back the fecal pellets and bedding. It is also strongly advised that you wash the bowl after each meal and that you make absolutely sure that the bowl has been dried well before you add fresh food.

As you are monitoring the amount of guinea pig food your guinea pig has been eating, and your guinea pig’s weight, if you notice that the cavy is gaining quiet a bit of weight, this may be the result of consuming way too many pellets, either completely out of boredom or because they are lacking in the exercise department, you should decrease the quantity of food preferably, because a guinea pig may fill up on their daily vegetables and their hay.

These guinea pig foods aren’t fattening, they are extremely healthy. Overall, you should make sure that you weigh your guinea pig daily and keep a written record of the guinea pig’s weight.