Best Warehouse Heating System

Start at the top

When heating large spaces like warehouses, start from the top. This way, if the temperature gets too high, the air can escape easier.

Use Fans

Fans are great tools to help circulate the air through the space. They create a breeze that pushes hot air out of the building and helps cool down the room.

Forced Air Heating System (FAHS)

A forced air heating system uses fans to circulate warm air through your warehouse. FAHS systems are usually used in greenhouses that cover a large area. They are typically used in cold climates where temperature swings can cause problems. These warehouse heating systems use a central blower to move heated air throughout the building. An optional furnace may be installed if the climate is particularly cold. This type of heating system is often used in warehouses and other industrial buildings.

Hot Water Baseboard Heating Systems (HBH)

Hot water baseboard heating systems use hot water pipes embedded in the floor to deliver heat from a boiler or heater to the room. HBHs are commonly used in offices and commercial spaces. A thermostat regulates the temperature of the water flowing through the pipes.

Radiant Floor Heat (RFH)

Radiant floor heating systems use radiant tubing under the flooring to transfer heat into the space. RFHs are commonly used for homes and commercial buildings. A thermostat controls the heat delivered to the floor.

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