How To Activate Chakras

How to stimulate and activate chakras is a million dollar question. It may be that out of the seven major chakras in the human body some of them become inactive or active below par and in this situation; one can consult a seer to diagnose the problem and get things set right.

People resort to various practices and approach seers to get their chakras aroused. Only the genuine and trained seers can guide one in activating of chakras. Many people are duped by imposters claiming to have the power to realign and stimulate a dormant or inactive chakra.

However, there are two ways suggested for the activation and arousal of chakras and those are the right exercises often referred as chakracises and foods. Third Eye Chakra Color is indigo, it influences our capacity to calculate mentally and our sense of judgment.

It also empowers us to distinguish between reality and fantasy. Lofty thinking, poor judgment, paranoia, and a false sense of reality are some of the symptoms of the third eye chakra imbalance.

The true remedy lies in the guidance from a true seer and chakracises consisting of meditations and prayers which could be helpful if performed in the guidance of a trained person. The remote viewing, visualization and lucid dreaming are also part of chakracises which are helpful in correcting the imbalances in chakras.

There are so many chakras related to heart, throat etc, and there are indicators of chakra imbalances in each case which can be corrected to lead a healthy mental and spiritual life. The right food is also helpful in restoring imbalances in chakras. A diet of root vegetables, protein rich foods and spices leads to the activation, stimulation and maintenance of chakras including the third eye chakra.

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