Advantages of Wire EDM Cutters

There are lots of new cutting tools and equipment in this modern era, but among them, Wire Electric Discharge Machines or Wire EDM cutters are one of the most advantageous. EDM are sometimes called as electric erosion, spark machines, or die sinking. Typically, Wire EDM is controlled by CNC and CAD/ CAM software for easier process and uses brass wire, graphite or copper as cutter medium. Above other cutting tools, Wired EDM cutters can give you the following benefits.

A Wire EDM cutter can cut more accurately and precisely than any other cutters. A wire EDM is very suitable when cutting a material that needs a very high tolerance. Commonly it cuts metal and other materials with an rpm of 1000 per minute.

Metal fabricators use wire EDM cutter for production of materials that need very high precision and accuracy. Tools and parts of some machinery can be made or cut using this cutting equipment. Wire EDM cutting tools can be used for more economical mass production of precision gages, and templates, gears, cams, extrusion molds, keyways and internal splines, splitting tubes and other complicated and sophisticated shapes for metal fabrication.

Wire EDM cutting equipment can be operated for cutting any materials as long as it is an electrically conductive material, whether it is soft or hard. Wire EDM cutters can metals, such as cold rolled steel, faster than any other conventional machines and cutters. There are also other materials that are very hard to cut, like cast iron and stainless steels, but with wire EDM, these materials can be cut.

Wire EDM cutter is more reliable for repeated processes and manufacturing. One of the wire EDM’s advantage is that it can produce more reliable output when the process is being repeated. The electrode is processed constantly, having the last part identical to the first part of the next operation.

A wire EDM cutter can reduce costs to the manufacturer. A wire EDM cutter leaves the metal or any material being cut smooth and less edgy compared to other conventional machining and cutting processes. A wire EDM cutter can chamfer or make radius for sharp and pointed areas of the finished work piece, which eliminates the use of file or sand to smoothen the edge of the work piece.

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