Student Rooms For Rent

Student rooms for rent are an ideal option for students who want to live close to their university, or have a short commute to work. There are a range of different types of student housing available, from shared houses which are rented by the room, to studio apartments and large houses with several bedrooms. Many people choose to rent student accommodation as they find it more affordable than living in a private rental property, but there are also benefits such as having a community feel, and having someone else there to help you out if you get into difficulties.

Student Accommodation Types

There are many different types of accommodation available for students, ranging from shared houses through to luxury flats. The best way to find what kind of property suits your needs is by doing some research before arriving in your city.

Before you make a decision, consider the following:

  • What facilities can I access?
  • Are there gyms, pools or car parks on site?
  • What are the opening hours and costs?
  • Is security good enough for me?
  • Does the building have CCTV or secure entry systems?
  • How many people live on my floor or in my apartment block and do they seem like good neighbors (easy to get along with)?
  • Would it be easy for someone to break into my room unannounced (window locks, door chains etc.)?
  • Is there anything nearby that I can use regularly such as restaurants/takeaways/bars/shops
  • does this place have everything I need within walking distance of my flat. If not, how far is it from your home and how often will you go there.

Where To Search For Rentals?

There are quite a few online student accommodation portals where you can browse not just rooms for rent, or a homestay, but also flatshares and houseshares available in the area. These sites are easy to use and have thousands of properties across the country listed on it. You can search by location so if you want somewhere closer to campus then select that option. There are thousands of properties listed on these sites so make sure that you check out all of them before making your decision!

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