Single Status Certificate

A single status certificate is a document that proves that you are single and not married. It can be obtained from the Texas Department of State Health Services Vital Statistics Unit in Austin.

Why Do I Need a Single Status Certificate?

A single status certificate is required by the state of Texas if you need to amend your birth certificate to add or remove information about your marital status, so that you can obtain an apostille for your document. The form looks much like an affidavit, but it’s actually a legal document that has been signed by a notary public.

The process of getting one is fairly simple and straightforward, but it does require some time and effort — so make sure you’re ready before you start!

In order to get a single status certificate, you will need to fill out an affidavit that states that: You are not married or have not been married.

-You have never been married, but if you have ever been married, it was annulled.

-You have never had any children with anyone other than your current spouse (if applicable).

-You are not currently pregnant or trying to become pregnant with anyone other than your current spouse (if applicable). You will also need to include some personal information, including your full name and address as well as the date and place of your birth.

Single Status Affidavit Texas Services

There are professional single status affidavit Texas services that can help you with the process of completing a single status affidavit. These services are designed to make it easier for people who do not have the time or expertise to complete this document on their own. You can get the single status affidavit Texas form from them as well. The single status affidavit Texas form is a legal document that can be used to prove your single status. It is generally used in conjunction with other documents to ensure that you are not committing fraud or misrepresenting yourself when applying for government benefits.

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