How a Physician Assistant Contract Review Attorney Can Help Prevent Legal Pitfalls

A contract is legally binding and holds significant influence on a physician assistant’s (PA) career trajectory. As a healthcare provider, you may not be well-versed in legal terminologies and the complexities of negotiating contracts. Unknowingly, you might end up signing a contract that has unfavorable terms – this is where a reputed firm like Chelle Law and a physician assistant contract review attorney come in. Let’s discuss the various ways these attorneys can help you prevent legal pitfalls.

Analyzing and Negotiating the Terms

A physician assistant contract review attorney, such as the ones from Chelle Law, is an expert in understanding the legal language used in employment contracts. They can analyze the entire contract and inform you of any ambiguous or contradictory terms. This will help ensure you are aware of the terms you are agreeing to and prevent any misunderstanding in the future.

Also, these attorneys are skilled at negotiating terms in favor of their clients. Utilizing their expertise, attorneys at Chelle Law can work on your behalf to improve your compensation, working conditions, and benefits – allowing you to focus on your professional duties and deliver optimal patient care.

Reviewing Non-Compete Clauses

One common legal pitfall healthcare professionals face is the enforcement of non-compete clauses. These typically restrict PAs from working in a competing practice or setting up a practice in a particular geographical area for a certain period after the termination of their contract. A physician assistant contract review attorney from Chelle Law is well-equipped to evaluate the reasonableness of a non-compete clause, ensuring it doesn’t negatively impact your career. They can negotiate to modify or remove overly restrictive clauses to protect your professional interests.

Ensuring Compliance with State Laws

Employment contracts must comply with state laws to avoid legal issues while practicing as a PA. Chelle Law’s contract review attorney will ensure that the contract doesn’t contain any clauses that violate state laws governing PA practice. This includes matters such as the supervisory relationship with the physician, scope of practice, prescription privileges, and liability issues.

Assessing Termination and Malpractice Insurance Clauses

Termination clauses specify the terms under which an employment contract may be terminated, such as without cause, for cause, or due to disability or death. An physician assistant contract review from Chelle Law will review these clauses and clarify your options in case of termination. They can also negotiate for the inclusion of a severance package and help address any potential concerns.

Malpractice insurance, an essential component of PA practice, protects you in case of alleged negligence or errors while providing care. Your attorney will review the malpractice insurance clause, ensuring it provides adequate coverage and clearly outlines your employer’s responsibilities and obligations.

Facilitating Contract Renegotiation

As circumstances change throughout a PA’s career, contract renegotiation may become necessary. Chelle Law’s attorney can facilitate the negotiation process, addressing any disparities, ensuring the terms remain favorable and compliant with current state laws.


Hiring a physician assistant contract review attorney from Chelle Law to scrutinize your employment agreement is an essential step in minimizing legal risks, protecting your professional reputation, and ensuring that you are treated fairly. By reviewing contract terms, negotiating better conditions, ensuring compliance with state laws, and supporting future re-negotiations, they provide invaluable expertise tailored to the healthcare industry. So, do not hesitate to seek the assistance of a trusted attorney from Chelle Law when faced with reviewing and negotiating a contract.

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