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Brigade Oasis in North Bangalore

An enclave of luxury, elegance and comfort is what you will get at the premium residential area of North Bangalore. The Brigade Oasis project features plots that are spread across an area of 4 acres. The project offers wide range of plots with different sizes and layouts for your convenience. You can choose a plot according to your choice and budget.

The luxury plots in Brigade Oasis in North Bangalore are available at affordable prices which makes them highly affordable for everyone. The project is developed by Brigade Group – one of the leading builders in Bangalore who has a reputation for delivering high-quality projects on time. The builder has delivered several projects in Bangalore which speak volumes about his expertise in construction industry.

The quality construction material and skilled labor used in construction ensures that the residents get peace of mind as well as long-lasting enjoyment from their homes. The project offers a wide range of amenities that are sure to meet the needs of all residents. The clubhouse with swimming pool is one such feature which will provide residents with ample opportunities for recreation and relaxation.

The project is located in a prime location of North Bangalore which is easily accessible to all the important areas of the city. It is close to the IT hub and has a wide range of shopping malls, hospitals, schools and colleges nearby which makes it an ideal residential destination for people who work in the IT sector or are looking for a luxurious lifestyle.


With all its features and amenities, the project offers a world-class living experience. With the booming IT industry in Bangalore, there has been a huge demand for luxury housing projects and this one is sure to meet that need.

Realtor Commission Calculator kyu
Real Estate

How Much Is A Realtors Commission

Realtor commissions are based on the price of the home and the size of the commission a real estate agent wants to earn. The average commission rate in BC is 6 percent, but this can vary widely from region to region and market to market.

For instance, in some regions, it’s illegal for agents to charge both a listing fee and a buyer’s broker fee, so they’ll charge only one or the other. The size of your commission will also depend on whether you’re buying or selling and which type of transaction you’re doing – purchase or sale with existing financing, or cash sale.

Realtor Commission Calculator kyu

Here’s how to calculate your realtor fee:

1) What type of transaction you’re doing: Purchase or sale with existing financing, or cash sale?

2) Find out how much money was borrowed for the purchase (or refinancing), called “loan amount.” This is usually stated as a dollar figure that includes fees and costs associated with getting the loan approved (including points).

3) Subtract any down payment made by either buyer or seller. This is typically 5% of loan amount, but again can vary widely depending on where you live and who owns the property being sold

4) Subtract any closing costs paid by either buyer or seller. These include things like lender fees, title insurance premiums, appraisal fee and so on.

5) Divide the result by 2 to get your “adjusted purchase price” or what you can afford based on your income and debt ratios.

Or simply search online for realtor fee calculators that will do the math for you.

What is a Realtor Fee Calculator?

The realtor commission BC calculator is a tool that can be used to determine the amount of commission that a real estate agent will earn for their services. The calculator also helps determine how much money down payment should be made by either buyer or seller, as well as the closing costs associated with selling or purchasing a home.