New Invention Ideas, InventHelp, and the Patenting Process

Inventing something new is an exciting process – a blend of creativity, intelligence, and foresight. But after the rush of inspiration, inventors often find themselves asking, “What do I do once I have an invention idea?” This article aims to provide some answers and guide inventors through the road map of new invention ideas, focusing on the roles of InventHelp and the patenting process.

Navigating the journey from invention ideas to marketable products can be complex and demanding. This journey, at times, can feel like navigating a labyrinth with its twists, turns, and dead ends. Here, companies like InventHelp provide a beacon of guidance.

Taking the First Step with InventHelp

After ideation, the first step towards realizing your invention conceptually is documenting it, followed by building a prototype. Documenting your idea helps affirm your ownership, and a prototype enables you to test your idea’s feasibility.

InventHelp’s services can be a boon for inventors at this stage. With a team of skilled experts, InventHelp offers services ranging from compiling detailed invention information to providing resources for prototype construction, thereby helping inventors substantiate their concepts effectively.

The Power of Patenting

Once the concept is substantiated, the next crucial step is patenting. A patent grants the inventor an exclusive right to profit from their invention, preventing others from reproducing, selling, or using it without permission.

InventHelp plays a significant role here. Its patent referral services connect inventors to a network of independent licensed patent attorneys and agents to assist in patenting. These services help protect the invention while also doing the legwork to ensure the patent application is filed correctly and effectively.

Hurdling through the Patenting Process

The patenting process is typically convoluted, involving several stages – filing, prosecution phase, and maintenance. Each stage is financially and operationally challenging, requiring careful navigation. InventHelp’s patent referral services offer comprehensive solutions to overcome these hurdles, thus ensuring that the patenting process is as smooth as possible for the inventor.

Journey to the Market

Post patenting, it’s time to introduce the invention to the market. InventHelp provides inventors with a chance to expose their invention to companies that might be interested in reviewing new ideas.

If you want to learn more about the patenting process you can visit InventHelp’s website. There you will find a wealth of information on how to patent an invention and what steps are involved in the process.


In conclusion, with the right guidance and professional support from services like InventHelp, the convoluted journey from idea to patent and market-ready product becomes manageable and efficient. Remember, having an invention idea is just the first step. Thereafter, a structured process – aided by a team of competent advisers from InventHelp – must be carried out to help your genius idea come alive and shine.

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