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Bodyguard Security Training

Operatives should have a basic working knowledge of intrusion detection systems, bullet resistant materials, barriers, locking mechanisms, and security lighting. The operative should have a sufficient knowledge of physical security to perform a basic necessary security survey, identify any weaknesses in the physical security, and contact the necessary organizations in order to upgrade the system if necessary.

First Aid

Emergency medical care instruction must focus on those medical emergencies which are most likely to occur with a principal. In particular, training should stress an understanding of the functioning of the body’s respiratory and circulatory systems, heart attacks, bleeding, and shock.

When contracting a security company in London, their close protection (bodyguard) operatives should be capable of providing temporary treatment until EMS arrives on site. Any special considerations must be taken into account, such as operations in high risk areas. In this event, consideration must be given to the type of wounds, injuries or illnesses that may have to be treated in that operation.

Interpersonal and Social Skills

Good manners are important and, unfortunately many people have never bothered to educate themselves in what qualifies as good manners. Some highly qualified operatives have not succeeded in executive protection because they were simply lacking the social graces necessary to work in a close protection environment. It is a fact that executives from multinational corporations are learning social skills in order to better function in the ever expanding global marketplace; why should the close protection operative not be graced with the same social skills? It must be remembered that different cultures have different values and as such, social etiquette is quite different from continent to continent, country to country and culture to culture.

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