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Bodyguard Security Training

Operatives should have a basic working knowledge of intrusion detection systems, bullet resistant materials, barriers, locking mechanisms, and security lighting. The operative should have a sufficient knowledge of physical security to perform a basic necessary security survey, identify any weaknesses in the physical security, and contact the necessary organizations in order to upgrade the system if necessary.

First Aid

Emergency medical care instruction must focus on those medical emergencies which are most likely to occur with a principal. In particular, training should stress an understanding of the functioning of the body’s respiratory and circulatory systems, heart attacks, bleeding, and shock.

When contracting a security company in London, their close protection (bodyguard) operatives should be capable of providing temporary treatment until EMS arrives on site. Any special considerations must be taken into account, such as operations in high risk areas. In this event, consideration must be given to the type of wounds, injuries or illnesses that may have to be treated in that operation.

Interpersonal and Social Skills

Good manners are important and, unfortunately many people have never bothered to educate themselves in what qualifies as good manners. Some highly qualified operatives have not succeeded in executive protection because they were simply lacking the social graces necessary to work in a close protection environment. It is a fact that executives from multinational corporations are learning social skills in order to better function in the ever expanding global marketplace; why should the close protection operative not be graced with the same social skills? It must be remembered that different cultures have different values and as such, social etiquette is quite different from continent to continent, country to country and culture to culture.

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What Are Shutters For?

Shutters are a great form of window covering and are becoming more and more popular, but what do shutters actually do?

The first and most obvious answer is that shutters aid in the privacy of your home and some of them add an extra layer of security. Shutters can be used to keep prying eyes out but, with many shutters having the ability to have their slats angled, you’ll still be able to see out. Shutters can be used to reduce glare or to regulate the amount of light this will be beneficial to people looking to get Shutters in Perth especially, and can also help with the insulation of your home.

Shutters don’t always have to be used for purely practical reasons. Shutters can add to the style of any room, with many shutter designs being available. There are both interior and exterior shutters, and both can add something extra to your home.

As you can see, shutters can actually do quite a lot for your home and can really add something extra to any room in the house. Make sure to consider all of the above points and make shutters your first choice when choosing window coverings.

Home shutters can be a great addition to any home and are becoming an increasingly popular choice of window covering. Here are just a few things to look for when choosing your home shutters.

Home shutters come in a whole range of styles and designs and can match any room in the house. Interior home shutters can be both functional and decorative, so always look for house shutters that match the room you want them to go in and ensure that they suit the purpose.

If, however, you’re looking for exterior home shutters you’ll have a slightly different set of criteria. Exterior home shutter styles will need to be a lot more robust and will need to be made out of stronger materials, particularly if the house shutters are to be used to protect against storm damage or for security. It is best to consult the professionals, such as the Roller Smart company to determine what kind of shutters you need. You can visit their website to learn more about different types of shutters, the pricing, and about the company – More @

As you can see, there are a number of things you need to look for when choosing home shutters, and there are bound to be more. Consider all the points and you’ll be able to choose the perfect home shutters.



Selling Your Patent

As the name implies, selling your patent is a strategy where you sell full ownership of the patent to someone else. This could be an entrepreneur who wants to create a company around the invention, a retailer who wants to sell the invention in stores, or a manufacturer who wants to mass-produce the invention. It is a “quick exit” strategy whereby you wash your hands of the patent and all future responsibility for it in one fell swoop.

Pros of Selling Your Patent: Cash out in one lump sum. No future hassles or involvement with the patent. Leaves you free to move on to the next project or enjoy your payout from this one.

Cons of Selling Your Patent: Possibility of having to watch whoever you sell the patent to reap huge profits from it that far exceed what they paid you.

If you are not business-minded or simply need the money right away, consider selling your patent if you have the opportunity to do so. But remember: entrepreneurs, retailers, and manufacturers are not going to beat a path to your door. In most cases, you will have to approach them. To learn how to get potential buyers interested in your patent, check this InventHelp’s guide for inventors.

Licensing Your Patent

Licensing your patent is a bit more involved than selling it outright. A patent license allows a third party (an entrepreneur, retailer, or manufacturer) to utilize your patent for their own benefit, while you retain ownership of it. This person or company is called the licensee. In exchange for this privilege, the licensee agrees to pay you (the licensor) some agreed-upon amount of royalties. For example, you might grant a manufacturer a 5 year license to use your patent in exchange for 10% of yearly product sales.

A patent license creates an ongoing business relationship between you and the licensee. You will need to be involved at least enough to ensure that they are meeting the performance obligations they agreed to.

Pros of Licensing Your Patent: Enables you to share in the future profits that your licensee may achieve by capitalizing on your patent. Creates a passive income stream.

Cons of Licensing Your Patent: Requires you to stay involved with the patent. Requires you to wait to receive income from the patent (unless you also negotiate an up-front payment into the licensing agreement.)

If you don’t mind the occasional meeting or conference call with whomever you license the patent to, and you are willing and able to wait to receive income from the patent, licensing may be the way to go.

This is only a brief overview of patent licensing. See the InventHelp for more detailed articles on how to value your patent, how to pitch your patent to companies, and how to write good performance obligations into any patent license you sign.

Sell The Invention Itself to Customers

This is the riskiest strategy of the three, and also the most potentially lucrative. Rather than selling or licensing the patent (thereby transferring the responsibility for capitalizing on it to someone else) you take on that responsibility by creating the invention and selling it to customers. This makes you an entrepreneur.

The risk is that you will be unable to convince a retailer to sell your invention or unable to sell it yourself via the web or some other medium. The reward is that, if you can, the profits are yours and yours alone.

Pros of Selling The Invention to Customers: You maintain complete control. You share profits with no one. You make much more money if you can successfully sell the invention to your target market than you would by selling or licensing the patent to someone.

Cons of Selling The Invention to Customers: All of the risk is on you. If you cannot successfully sell the invention to your target market, you stand to lose all the time and money you invested in trying to.

This strategy is best suited for people with entrepreneurial and business backgrounds. If you relish the opportunity to transform a patent from a piece of paper to a thriving business with hard work, networking, and deal-making, this could be the way to go. If you would rather cash out and let someone else do all of that, sell or license the patent instead.

Find help for your new invention idea from online articles on getting an invention on store shelves, who and who not to take investment money from, how to choose the right business partners, and how to fast-track an invention to market.

Again, none of these strategies is necessarily better than the others. It all comes down to what your strengths, weaknesses, and expectations are. The important thing at this stage is that you start thinking about which strategy suits you.


Your First Counselling Session

When you make the decision to attend your very first counselling session, especially couples counselling, it can be a scary and nerve-wracking decision. You may not know how to begin or what to expect. What to expect from a psychotherapy NY therapy session is one of the greatest areas of concerns for those seeking help. However, it is important to know that you can better understand what happens or what to expect as well.

The following information is meant as a guide to those seeking psychotherapy in New York as a way to better ease your mind and help you to be prepared. Preparation is key and this information can help you to really form a great and solid foundation for a successful and healthy, as well as rewarding, psychotherapy session. Use it as a guide and you will be better ready to handle the tenseness and often uncomfortable nature that therapy can entail.

The Individual – First Counselling Session

What you should expect from a psychotherapy session is that you will begin the process alone. Whether it is individual or a marriage counselling process, you will find that it all begins individually. This does not mean that you will do the beginning stages completely without help. Rather, by individual it means you and your therapist. This can be a great time to foster a relationship and really build a long-lasting connection that will help you to begin understanding answers to your questions and the desires and issues that you have.

Usually, these psychotherapy  sessions take place weekly. This consistency is based on the need to really form a bond and a level of trust between the therapist and the patient. Do not expect that it will happen instantaneously and that you are expected to reveal your deepest and darkest emotions and concerns right away. Rather, allow yourself and your therapist and opportunity to grow and really develop an understanding of one another.

Be stretched beyond your comfort level but listen to your instincts if you feel extremely uncomfortable. Instincts matter and you should always listen to yourself and your response. However, if you stretch yourself in therapy appropriately you will find that the rewards that you can take to the next level can be great.

Couples – First Counselling Session

If you are doing couples therapy NYC, you need to know that the knowledge that you gain in the first part of your individual counselling is going to come in very useful. That information is so important to build your relationship to take into a group or couples setting. The topics that are discussed will often be tough to hear and find answers to. The relationship that you have with your therapist can really help in building the answers that you are seeking.

The questions and topics that can come up can range from how to deal with children and the difficulties that they may have to how to handle infidelity. These can be tough but the answers can be found by working together. Other topics can be even harder to handle like abuse or whether or not to leave the marriage altogether. Expect an environment that may get tense but in a controlled environment.

Your psychotherapy NYC therapist will often serve as a mediator so that all can get their opinions out and heard clearly. You can very well expect to say things that you may never have felt comfortable expressing before in your marriage. For this reason, you may need to get emotionally ready to handle it. Again, this is where individual counselling will come into play and help you along the way.

Work Together

Finding a therapist NYC that you can really get along with and connect to is the most important part of therapy. The best way to do this is to really do your research and read others reviews on the issue. You can find what to expect by contacting a therapist and focusing on what you are looking for. Know the questions and issues you want to work on both personally and as a couple. You will find that a plan will be made and you will see great improvements if you are willing and open to the process.


Types of Utility Patent Applications

There are several different types of patent applications, each with its own purpose. Of the types of applications described below, a provisional application is a type of utility patent application; the other types of applications may be filed in utility, design, and plant patent cases.

The Provisional Application

In 1995, Congress created a new type of utility patent application, the provisional patent application. Provisional patent applications are utility patent applications that remain pending for one year and are not examined for patentability. Provisional applications are required to contain a full disclosure of the invention and drawings (if applicable), much like a regular utility patent application, but they do not require claims, nor do the inventors need to sign an oath or declaration in connection with the application.

Basically, a provisional patent application allows an inventor to file for protection and establish a priority date for the application while allowing up to a year to continue to improve the invention. The year of pendency of the provisional application does not affect the term of the eventual patent. Provisional patent applications are most appropriate for those inventors who have a working invention, but who foresee changes or need additional time to complete experimentation or testing. However, if an invention is in its final anticipated form, a nonprovisional utility patent application may be more appropriate. As you can see it is not quite simple and getting professional help from agencies such as InventHelp is highly recommended – more information about InventHelp here.

There may be something of a tendency to think that because provisional applications do not require claims, they are somehow more informal, vastly less expensive, and/or do not require as thorough an effort. That is not the case. Provisional applications are required to meet the same rigorous standards for description as regular utility patent applications, and there are even circumstances in which it behooves an applicant to prepare a set of claims. Those who obtain only a quick or informal provisional patent application often end up buying nothing more than a false sense of security, for it may be found later that a provisional application does not provide enough description to entitle an applicant to claim priority to it.

The Continuation Patent Application

A continuation patent application is a patent application that claims priority to a prior patent application, names as an inventor at least one inventor listed in the prior application, and contains the same disclosure as the prior application. Continuation applications are filed in the course of prosecution for a number of reasons. Perhaps the most common reason for filing a continuation application is to obtain broader patent protection by filing broader or different patent claims than were originally filed in the first application. A continuation application must be filed while the application to which it claims priority is still pending. Don’t get lost and hire a patent agency like Invent Help to help you out – learn why new inventors turn to InventHelp.

The Continuation-in-Part Patent Application

A continuation-in-part (CIP) application is a patent application that claims priority to a prior patent application, names as an inventor at least one inventor listed in the prior application, and contains at least some of the same disclosure as in the prior application. A CIP application may also contain new disclosure that was not included in the prior patent application, and may also contain claims directed to the new disclosure. A CIP application receives the benefit of the prior patent application’s priority date for subject matter that was disclosed in the prior patent application.

A CIP application is usually filed if, during the prosecution of a patent application, new embodiments of the invention are developed that were not included in the original application. Like a continuation application, a CIP application must be filed while the prior patent application is still pending.

The Divisional Patent Application

Patent Office rules generally require an inventor to claim only one invention per patent application. If, during examination, it appears to the patent examiner that more than one invention is being claimed in a patent application, the patent examiner may impose a restriction requirement and require the applicant to select a single invention for examination. Divisional applications are then filed to pursue the “extra” inventions that were denied consideration in the first application. Like a continuation application, a divisional application claims priority to the prior patent application, names at least one of the same inventors, and contains the same disclosure as the prior application. A divisional patent application must also be filed while the prior patent application is still pending.


Drug Treatment Centers

Finding help begins with asking for help. It is vital for you to come to the realization that you have a problem and are truly ready to ask for help. Without you having this epiphany yourself, you will not get better because you do not want to get better.

Once you are finally and truly ready to receive help, there are many people out there who are willing to help you be on the road to recovery and sobriety.

Whether it is a dual diagnosis treatment center or adolescent drug treatment center in Los Angeles, there is a drug rehab Los Angeles facility for every person with an addiction. It is up to you where to go.

One of the first things to think about is the location. You need to decide if you want to check into a rehab facility that is close to home or further away to separate you from the surroundings that led you down the path of addiction in the first place. Some people might choose to stay closer home to be near loved ones and support system.

An important thing to realize is that people want you to get better. They want to help you. They want to see you become healthy. This should really help you in the rehabilitation process, because you know that people want you to see you succeed.

However, none of this can happen until you realize that you have a problem and are ready to reach out for help. You need to want it for yourself before anyone can help you get better and become sober.


The Process To Protect An Invention

If you’ve created a product that is unique then chances are you’ll want to protect its idea and name. Going about this process can be quite confusing and time consuming so it’s always a good idea to find an experienced patent attorney or a patenting agency , such as InventHelp, to take you through the steps. Read the reviews about InventHelp on ConsumerAffairs.

A patent acts as a standing legal document that is given to the first to file. It means that no other company, inventor, or individual can then make the same product, use that idea, or sell the invention that you have now protected by the patent. Once you have received your patent it is valid for 20 years from the point at which you filed the application. This means for 20 years you own the rights to that idea/product and you alone.

Applying for a patent

It doesn’t matter what category your patent is in, if you’re applying for a patent there is a process that will need to be followed which is regulated under U.S. law. Some of the areas people look to get patents in include:

  • Biochemical
  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Dietary Supplements
  • Medical devices
  • Surgical devices
  • Computer and communication networks
  • Computing systems
  • Software
  • Business methods

Before even applying for a patent it’s important your patent agency does research to make sure there isn’t already a standing patent on the idea/product that is protected by intellectual property law. If there are no existing patents, then you’re able to go ahead with your process.

After the research has been completed it is time to fill out the forms. This is an exhaustive process and one where an experienced patent agent can certainly help. You’ll need to include information like claims, drawings, and explain your invention idea. It should be noted that whatever the product is that you’re patenting it must be completed before you start the application process. It can’t be half an idea, a start of idea, half of a product, etc.

A look at the application

So what exactly is included in your patent application, let’s take a more in-depth look at what you’ll need to include:

Any supporting drawings. Claims, which can be more than one. They are the legal description you will create of your invention this is what others will be looking at when they research their own patents so the claim must be written perfectly.

Prior art, which is a detailed description of any products that are similar to your invention that already exist and are patented.

Preferred embodiment, which is where you describe how you plan to use your invention.

A description of your invention. InventHelp patent agency will be able to walk you through each of these elements and ensure that you include all the important details.


Inventing an idea or product is an exciting thing and of course you want to rush ahead and get a patent so you can start working on getting your invention to market. However in order to ensure its success you will want to be sure you follow all the necessary steps to obtain your patent and thereby protect your idea.


Guinea Pig Food

Nutritionally complete guinea pig pellets that are commercially made should make up most of your pet’s diet, they are available at your local pet supply stores, and are created from veggies, seeds, and plants. It is recommended by the ASPCA that small amounts of vegetables and fresh fruit be added to your guinea pigs diet each day. Guinea pig food should consist of cucumbers, grapes, peas, corn, pears, and carrots.

A single slice of fresh fruit and half a handful of veggies for each guinea pig will be plenty. However, you should always make sure that you clean up any fresh food that is leftover before it spoils. You should also make that grass hay is accessible by your guinea pig at all times. Grass hay is excellent for the guinea pig’s digestive system, and it will also satisfy the need your pet has to gnaw.

Guinea pigs, unlike other animals can’t manufacture the vitamin C that is why you will need to make sure that your pet is receiving adequate amounts of vitamin C on a daily basis. Even though one quarter of an orange will do, you should also include some veggies and fruits that have high levels of vitamin C to their daily serving of fresh foods, like dandelion greens, kale, and strawberries. For green apples first check with a specialist can guinea pigs eat green apples.

At all times, clean fresh water needs to be made available. You may use of an inverted bottle that includes a drinking tube and then change the water on a daily basis. The water bottles have a tendency to become clogged and contaminated as the guinea pig continues chewing on the end of the water tub and backwashes food particles up into the tube.

In order to prevent the guinea pig food from being tipped over during the time that the cavy is eating; it is highly recommended that you always serve the food within a heavy ceramic bowl. The sides of the bowl should be elevated high enough so that it holds back the fecal pellets and bedding. It is also strongly advised that you wash the bowl after each meal and that you make absolutely sure that the bowl has been dried well before you add fresh food.

As you are monitoring the amount of guinea pig food your guinea pig has been eating, and your guinea pig’s weight, if you notice that the cavy is gaining quiet a bit of weight, this may be the result of consuming way too many pellets, either completely out of boredom or because they are lacking in the exercise department, you should decrease the quantity of food preferably, because a guinea pig may fill up on their daily vegetables and their hay.

These guinea pig foods aren’t fattening, they are extremely healthy. Overall, you should make sure that you weigh your guinea pig daily and keep a written record of the guinea pig’s weight.


Addiction Treatments

Finding help for your addiction can be as easy as looking at some of the treatment options you have, some of which do not cost anything at all except for your time and devotion. Without being totally committed to this process, you will find that any treatment you start will not be successful. Recovery from just about any addiction is a serious and lifelong process which requires that you first admit to having a problem. This is something that many people in Connecticut cannot or will not do, simply because it means that they will need to start working on finding a solution which is never easy to do. Although you may find that the process of healing is physically and emotionally difficult at times, it can really help when you consider all of the benefits you will receive.

Detox Center weasdwq

Any addict will want to start by getting into some type of a support group or regular therapy session which will allow for the sharing of feelings. Having an outlet for your emotions is crucial when trying to overcome any addiction. The more you are able to vent about how you feel, the better your chances of recovering will be. Anyone who finds themselves facing an addiction must do their best to find another person or group of people who they will be able to share with. Some people prefer one-on-one therapy while others like to be part of groups because it gives them a sense of stability. Fortunately there are a lot of CT detox centers with both one-on-one and group treatments to choose from.

One of the reasons that groups like Alcoholics Anonymous meet is to help support each other and find every day solutions to fight an alcohol addiction. The fact is that being addicted to something created destructive behavioral patterns and tendencies which go far beyond drinking, doing drugs, smoking, or any one thing. Often times when someone indulges in their addiction it can lead to other things which puts their life at risk. To avoid this altogether you will need to build up your support system as strong as possible.

If you do not already have family and friends in on what you are trying to do, then you will need to let them know right away. The more they know about what you are going through, the better they will be able to help in your most crucial moments of need. Sometimes just calling up a close friend or family member is enough to deter a relapse and stay on track. We need emotional support, especially when going through something as life-altering as addiction recovery. Chances are those who are closest to you will understand or at least be willing to help in any way they can.

Besides reaching out to other people, you will want to understand some of the different signs of an addict. Usually it is said that when something begins to take over someone’s life to the point where they can no longer function normally anymore, it is an addiction. The problem with this definition though is that “normal” is a vague term. Usually when you have trouble making it in to work, school, or become reclusive from the outside world, you have a problem. It is important to understand recognize these signs you should exhibit them while going through recovery.


Controlling Termites

When you own or buy a home in Australia, it is a good thing to have it inspected for termites. Australia termites are one of the most destructive insects known to mankind. They will destroy your Australia home from the foundation all the way up if you don’t locate and treat the termite colony. Luckily, there are Australia termite inspectors, who will check the interior and the exterior of your home to make sure that you are termite free.

Every year many Australia homeowners lose their homes to the pesky termite because they did not do what is necessary to save their home from termite destruction. If you feel that your home might be infected with termites you should order a termite inspection immediately. You need to act right away in order to save your home from being eaten by the termites.

Termites are active all across the state of Australia, including in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane etc. Both drywood termites and subterranean termites are known to damage homes in Australia. Dampwood termites also are common in central and southern Australia. However, dampwood termites are less likely to damage homes than subterranean and drywood termites due to their high moisture requirements.

Termites colonize in three castes. There is the reproductive caste that that does nothing but lays eggs and keeps reproducing more termites for the colony. Then there is the worker caste that does the work of bringing the food back to the colony. Afterwards there is the soldier caste that goes out and finds the food for the workers and the reproductive caste. Your termite inspector will be able to find all three castes in the colony and help you to destroy them.

The destruction of your home can be stopped when the termites are found and treated. Most species of termites can be stopped with chemical termite treatment. There are many reputable Australia termite control companies, such as the Radar Pest Control, that offer free termite inspection and then will proceed to offer you the service of getting rid of the termites.

It is very important that you get a termite inspection done as soon as you realize that you might have a termite problem.